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These tutorials demonstrate selected features in ASP.NET version 2.0, but they are compatible with later versions of ASP.NET as well. For the current documentation, see the ASP.NET portal on the MSDN Web site.



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ASP.NET Quickstart Tutorials


The BulletedList control is used to create a list of items formatted with bullets. To specify the individual list items that you want to appear in a BulletedList control, place a ListItem object for each entry between the opening and closing tags of the BulletedList control.

List Bullet Styles

BulletedList controls can display list of items with a variety of bullet styles. To control the style of bullet used, use the BulletedList.BulletSyle property. The following example shows how to render a list of items with circular bullets.

VB BulletedList1.aspx
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List of Hyperlinks

The BulletedList control can also render a list of hyperlinks. The BulletedList control also provides a convenient way to render a list of hyperlinks, as an alternative to creating multiple individual HyperLink controls.

To render each item in the list as a hyperlink, set the BulletedList.DisplayMode property to BulletedListDisplayMode.HyperLink, and set the Value property of each list item to the navigation URL for the item. Lists of hyperlinks can also be displayed with a variety of bullet styles, as above.

VB BulletedList2.aspx
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